Mobile Services

When your customer is constantly on the move, you can’t afford to tie your business down to just traditional contact points. Your team members/consumers expect access to information, systems, reports, games, applications - anywhere, anytime. We’ve amassed a large body of knowledge and expertise on how to leverage mobile phones as delivery end points to provide this access. Our solutions help map your presence to mobile devices across various platforms. Services we offer – Mobility Consulting, Mobile Website Development, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Application Testing and Porting Solutions.


At Firm Interactive we structure a mobile application as a multi-layered application consisting of user experience, business, and data layers. As a full-service development company, we do everything it takes to build and launch successful apps across an ever-changing variety of platforms. Each product is guided by an experienced project manager who oversees and coordinates every phase of development, from the initial discovery and UX design to server development to guiding an app’s submission to the App Store and post launch stewardship.

Be it a web portal that you want to make mobile friendly, an e-commerce site that is to be transformed into a native application, an idea for a game that you think can become the next big thing or porting your existing mobile application to another client platform, we can make it happen.

The mobile application development process starts with definition of the mobile application, understanding key components, learning scenarios where it will be used, learning key patterns and technology considerations as well as identifying specific scenarios such as deployment, power usage and synchronization.

  • Mobility Consulting - The implementation of mobility solutions requires companies to build capability and strategy to synthesize many different components including devices, networks, applications and their services as well as the middleware. Our team of highly skilled consultants’ helps business address their concerns around mobility initiatives and build a roadmap

  • Mobile Website Development - Different mobile platforms impose their own parameters on the end-user’s browsing experience. To convey a seamless experience and ensure that the highest levels of security and usability are provided, we develop mobile interfaces for websites that adapt to the constraints of browsing from a mobile device.

  • Mobile Application Development - Custom applications provided to your consumers, team members or other stakeholders can add considerable value to your brand. We bring to the table cross-platform mobile application development capabilities along with the ability to understand your requirements in context and take complete control of the process of developing and delivering a powerful, intuitive application that addresses your chosen audience's need to perfection.

  • Mobile Application Testing - We exercise a high level of ownership over the products we produce, and quality assurance is vital to our success as a company. We employ several review techniques, including small group code reviews, automated unit testing, QA feature testing schedules, and ad-hoc focus groups. Internally, there is a healthy competition between project teams and real pride in work accomplished that motivates a product quality that consistently exceeds client expectations

  • Porting Solutions - As mobile usage patterns evolve, and new platforms gain attraction in the market, the need to deploy an existing application on additional platforms frequently arises. A cross-platform development philosophy has always been one of the corner stone of our mobile application development approach, so we understand the nuances of porting functionality from one platform to another and have developed processes to port applications across platforms efficiently.

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