IT Staffing Services

Our collaborative approach and commitment to excellence places us in the forefront of IT staffing. At Firm Interactive we strive to find the best IT talent in the most cost effective way.  Firm Interactive looks for educated, motivated professionals, who are success-driven. We especially like problem solvers who are clear thinkers, with up-to-date technical skills and who are able to listen and communicate with our clients on all levels. We provide staffing services for - Web and Application Development, Infrastructure, Security, Project Management/Business Analysis, Data/Database Management, Help Desk/Technical Services, and Desktop Support.


At Firm Interactive, we are dedicated to identifying, evaluating, recruiting and delivering the highest-caliber IT professionals. We understand that optimal performance requires IT professionals who are experienced, flexible and skilled in the multi-faceted aspects of their respective areas. It is no longer enough to simply skills-match a candidate. We identify and relate project history for relevance to your existing needs and planned initiatives. Our clients benefit from our wide talent database and our ability to provide outstanding service with the highest value and best quality.

Over the years, Firm Interactive has developed a deep network of consultants across several core skill sets. We are capable of mobilizing IT talent across the US in a short notice. Firm Interactive is dedicated in identifying, evaluating, recruiting and delivering the highest caliber IT professionals. We have a proven track record of identifying experienced, skilled and reliable IT talent. 

Staffing Process:

Diagnosis: We start by listening to you our client, about your IT requirements. Our focus is on understanding you & your business. We don't 'push' what we have, instead we listen and understand what combination of staffing, project management or consulting capabilities you will require to meet your IT business needs.

Deliver: Once the understanding is complete, we deliver top quality IT service professionals rapidly. Our extensive database of key employees, top performers and experts across the wide range of IT applications, architecture and processes allows us the unique ability to rapidly fulfill your needs.

Talent Management: Talent management is a key component of our staffing services business. This involves both the sourcing of that talent and the management and growth of our contributors over time. We believe in the power of people. Our core principles guide us in the selection of our team, and that in turn is offered to our clients as a service.

We have developed rigorous processes designed to maximize quality and we conduct regular assessments of our quality management system to ensure we are meeting our objectives. By making quality a priority, we are able to consistently provide the best services to clients and consultants. 

  • Assessment of client needs
  • Generation of skilled consultants
  • Screening and Evaluation
  • Client Interview and Placement
  • Performance Monitoring


Staffing Domain Expertise:

Web and Application Development - Web/UI Designers, Flash/Flex Developers, Web Developers, Enterprise Application Developers, Architects, Technical Writers, Analysts

Infrastructure - OS Administrators, Network Architects and Administrators, Middleware Architects and Administrators
Security - Security Engineers, Network Security, Security Analyst, Security Administrators

Project Management/Business Analysis - Program Managers, Business Analysts, Project Coordinators, Implementation Managers

Data/Database Management - Database Developers, Database Administrators, Data Architects

Help Desk/Technical Services - Service Desk Analysts, Production Support Analysts

Desktop Support - Desktop Support Analysts, Asset Management Analysts


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